Do you know attractiveness of a child is dependent upon what a woman eats during pregnancy? Did you know that some women are born with two uterus and two vagina’s which can cause heavy bleeding? And also why do women are better in fighting diseases than men? These questions might come in as a little surprise but the truth is, women are complex by creation and there are a lot of things we do not know about ourselves. Let us discuss some of the unknowns and the reasons why they are like that and what can we do to get better out of it. To start with let us look at the first 3 questions at the beginning of this article:

  1. It is true that a child’s attractiveness very much depends upon the women, her lifestyle and her habits. As the baby in the stomach directly feeds from the mother, it is very important that the mother stay healthy and eat good food. We might have seen some women eat saffron leaves mixed with milk during pregnancy. It is said that the pigment in saffron tends to make the skin brighter and fair and this is also a proven fact. Apart from physical attractiveness, it is very important to consume food which has the essential nutrients in good quantities which can be delivered to both mom and the child. This is the sole reasons why some of the top gynecologists in Navi Mumbai ask moms-to-be to stay away from alcohol and smoking. 
  2. This is a rare phenomenon. In such cases, it cannot be found easily without medical examination and the need for medical examination comes only during some health issues like abdominal pain and excessive bleeding. 
  3. There are can be two reasons for this. According to experts, women lead a healthy lifestyle compared to men and also it is very important to note the kind of clean up mechanism nature as bestowed, the menstrual cycle. These two reasons are strong factors why women live longer than men. 

Some  of the other amazing facts about women are:

  • In most of the cases, women’s breast is not the same. One will be bigger than the other and this is very normal. There is no reason for both of them to be identical. But it is also important to note the changes the happening. If one breast becomes larger than the other all of sudden then you must be visiting a doctor right away as it could be signs of breast cancer. 
  • The clitoris is a part of the women’s body whose only purpose is for pleasure during intercourse or stimulation. There is no part like this for men. 
  • Women have better control with their abdominal muscles than men.

All these factors make us wonder whether women are a superior creation than men and we are backed by some of the best gynecologists in Chandigarh who says yes.