Using CRF in Clinical Trials

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Using CRF in Clinical Trials

The CRF is used in medical research. This report form is also a patient history. There are several types, including electronic and paper. In clinical medical research, it is significant to track the dynamics of a patient’s health status. Therefore, laboratories, clinics, and medical universities use CRF to track research results and patient health status.

Why are CRF important for medical research?

Case Form Report is a document that contains all the information about the patient and his or her medical condition. It also includes the patient’s medical history, prescriptions for medications, and treatment outcomes. 


Clinical medical research is done to determine the most effective treatment protocols for various diseases. It is not about testing vaccines or any poorly studied medications. Any clinical trials are absolutely safe for the patient. It is about finding the best medical solutions using drugs that have already been tested and are safe. 


In any medical trial, the dynamics of the process need to be constantly monitored. 


The CRF is filled out by a health care provider throughout all examinations. The document contains information about the procedures performed, important health indicators and the patient’s condition. This report applies to inpatient and outpatient studies, regardless of their type or complexity.


It is essential to note that CRF in electronic and paper form are filled out subject to confidentiality rules. Patients can read the results of medical examinations. However, they cannot make any changes or notes to these documents. 


All information from medical research reports is not shared with third parties. No outsider has access to it. Before any tests are conducted, the patient signs a document agreeing to the terms of the research. 


Several features of the CRFs in medical trials:


  • Data is completed online
  • All information goes into a single electronic database
  • The information in the study reports cannot be changed
  • All data is confidential and unauthorized persons have no access
  • Patient can be notified of significant changes in the medical research report


Today, the use of the CRF is common in the United States, Canada, and several other countries in America and Europe. 


Note that different clinics and countries may use different Case Form Reports. Some items and sections are added to the reports depending on the forms and type of study. For clinicians and medical researchers, it is most important that the report has all the necessary items to provide accurate and detailed information about the study and the patient. 


It is very important that CRF are filled out correctly and in a timely manner. To do this, this report form is prepared well in advance of the trial. Only the medical staff involved in the study will have access to the report form. 


The CRF and eCRF are two types of medical research reports and patient records. The documents are divided into two types: online and paper. Each of them has the same form. The only difference is the format. In any case, all reports have to be entered into an online database today.

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Common Types of Cancers and Avenue Treatment

It is unfortunate that cancer has claimed many lives and continues to do the same in many parts of the world. The term cancer is a larger name used for a wide group of diseases that come about when abnormal body cells rapidly divide themselves to other organs of the body and the tissue. There are different kinds of cancers.

The kind of cancer will call for different kinds of treatment, such as the use of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and biopsies in a clinic using portable surgical lights. The kinds of cells and the area that is affected by cancer will determine the name given to that cancer. For instance, lung cancer is one that starts in the lungs and can spread even to the liver. There are many clinical terminologies used for some general kinds of cancer. They may include the following:

1) Carcinoma

This is the kind of cancer that starts in the skin as well as other tissues that line other body organs. This type of cancer can affect anyone; however, those who burn easily or are fair- skinned stand a higher risk of being affected by carcinoma. Annual skin examination is the only way to detect this type of cancer early, as it is at this stage when it is treatable. Taking care of and protecting your skin is the wisest way to prevent any form of skin cancer.

2) Sarcoma

his type of cancer affects connective tissues like blood vessels, bones, cartilage, and muscles. This is an uncommon group of cancers whose causes are not clear. However, matters such as family history, radiation, and exposure to chemicals are likely to increase one’s ability to get affected by sarcoma.

3) Leukemia

It’s a type of cancer that affects the blood-forming tissues of the body, making the body not to fight infections as it should. The lymphatic system and the bone marrow are the parts that get affected with leukemia. There are various types of leukemia affecting children and other forms affecting adults.

4) Lymphoma

This cancer type affects the body’s lymph system. The lymphatic system is the disease-fighting network of the body. These parts include the lymph nodes, bone marrow, thymus gland, and the spleen. Lymph nodes, weight loss, and fatigue are some of the symptoms related to lymphoma.

5) Myeloma

Blood cancer that arises from the plasma cells is called myeloma. Plasma cells are a kind of white blood cells found in the bone marrow. With myeloma, a group of plasma cells gets cancerous and then they multiply. It can destroy the immune system, red blood cell count, kidneys, and the bones.

Avenues of Healthcare That Are Available

Different types of cancer are handled and treated differently. Some of the methods include medications, surgery, radiation, and other therapies. These methods cure, shrink or halt the progression of cancer. With regards to the kind of cancer affecting a patient, one may receive one kind of treatment or a combination of many methods of treatment. Surgery involves the removal of cancer tissues to ensure no other tissues are left behind. Radiotherapy works by the use of radiations to destroy cancer cells so that they stop growing. Chemotherapy is where drugs are used to destroy or slow down the growth of cancerous cells.

Biopsies Used to Diagnose Cancer

A biopsy is a procedure done by removing a tissue or sample of cells from the body to be scrutinized in a laboratory. Bone marrow biopsy is advised when the doctor detects an abnormality in your blood or when the doctor suspects cancer in your bone marrow. In an endoscopic biopsy, the doctor uses a thin but flexible tube that has a light at the end to observe structures inside a patient’s body.

Another biopsy procedure is the needle biopsy whereby the doctor uses a unique needle to extract cells from an area that is suspected to be cancerous. For skin conditions, cells are removed from the surface of the body for further removal. Surgical biopsy is recommended when other biopsy procedures cannot be accessed. Generally, it is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep physically fit to reduce your chances of getting affected by cancer. Make healthy food choices by concentrating more on plant-based foods. Ensure to keep your weight on tabs by being physically active regularly.

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Ayurveda has a different course of treatment

It is said that Ayurveda dates back to a 5000 year old tradition and it has stood strong since then. This has its origin in the Vedas of India and it is said to be the oldest study in order to heal people from physical ailments. 

One can easily reduce stress with Ayurvedic treatments. Meditation, yoga, herbal treatments, and breathing exercises are some of the many techniques that can help reduce stress and anxiety. A medical research conducted show positive effects of yoga. It says that at least 25 trials in yoga can lead to significant reduction in signs of stress and anxiety. Other research says that regular yoga practice can improve autonomic nervous functions by reducing sympathetic activity, which is a major fight these days.

There is a thing called Panchakrama Ayurveda treatment. It is very well practiced in Ayurvedic hospitals in Mumbai. This can actually hold cure to many of the human disease and problems. Here are the following treatments that are common here. 

Vamana: This is a kind of treatment which gives relief to those who are suffering from Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Fever, Obesity, Nasal Congestion and Psychological disorders.

Virechana: It is a medicated purgation therapy which removes toxins accumulated in the liver and gall bladder of a human body. It is a good cleaner of gastro intestinal tracts. It helps to cure the Digestive disorder, Constipation, Hyper Acidity, Ulcers and Headaches.

Basti:  This is the most effective treatment among all the five Panchakarmas. From Colitis to Cervical Spondylosis, it works like a magic on a human body. It cleans the impurities in the colon area and keeps muscles toned. It also works on Sexual Disability and Infertility.

Nasya: It is basically a nasal based treatment where medicated oil is poured in the nostrils to clean the toxins from head and neck region. This treatment improves memory, eyesight, clarity of voice, migraine, and other neurological dysfunctions.

Raktamokshana: It is a procedure to clean the blood and is advised in very rare diseases. If one is suffering from a very complicated disease.

These days, one can actually find many practitioners who are good in Ayurveda and its treatment procedures.  These practitioners mainly recommend balanced diet system when the treatment in on the run. According to many Ayurvedic studies, there has to be some proper lifestyle rules followed by the individuals along with some herbal medicines so that the body remains under control. There are 3 major energies that work when it comes to Ayurveda. They are; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Some individuals have some prominent doshas while the other ones have different doshas. So, this can automatically vary from one person to another. It is said that Ayurveda is definitely not medical science. So it does not have the same course of treatment for the same disease to all the patients. For example the course of treatment for cough and cold can be one in case of an individual and it can be completely different for another individual. This is how it works.

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