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Using CRF in Clinical Trials

Using CRF in Clinical Trials

The CRF is used in medical research. This report form is also a patient history. There are several types, including electronic and paper. In clinical medical research, it is significant to track the dynamics of a patient’s health status. Therefore, laboratories, clinics, and medical universities use CRF to track research results and patient health status.

Why are CRF important for medical research?

Case Form Report is a document that contains all the information about the patient and his or her medical condition. It also includes the patient’s medical history, prescriptions for medications, and treatment outcomes. 


Clinical medical research is done to determine the most effective treatment protocols for various diseases. It is not about testing vaccines or any poorly studied medications. Any clinical trials are absolutely safe for the patient. It is about finding the best medical solutions using drugs that have already been tested and are safe. 


In any medical trial, the dynamics of the process need to be constantly monitored. 


The CRF is filled out by a health care provider throughout all examinations. The document contains information about the procedures performed, important health indicators and the patient’s condition. This report applies to inpatient and outpatient studies, regardless of their type or complexity.


It is essential to note that CRF in electronic and paper form are filled out subject to confidentiality rules. Patients can read the results of medical examinations. However, they cannot make any changes or notes to these documents. 


All information from medical research reports is not shared with third parties. No outsider has access to it. Before any tests are conducted, the patient signs a document agreeing to the terms of the research. 


Several features of the CRFs in medical trials:


  • Data is completed online
  • All information goes into a single electronic database
  • The information in the study reports cannot be changed
  • All data is confidential and unauthorized persons have no access
  • Patient can be notified of significant changes in the medical research report


Today, the use of the CRF is common in the United States, Canada, and several other countries in America and Europe. 


Note that different clinics and countries may use different Case Form Reports. Some items and sections are added to the reports depending on the forms and type of study. For clinicians and medical researchers, it is most important that the report has all the necessary items to provide accurate and detailed information about the study and the patient. 


It is very important that CRF are filled out correctly and in a timely manner. To do this, this report form is prepared well in advance of the trial. Only the medical staff involved in the study will have access to the report form. 


The CRF and eCRF are two types of medical research reports and patient records. The documents are divided into two types: online and paper. Each of them has the same form. The only difference is the format. In any case, all reports have to be entered into an online database today.

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