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How to exercise when you work the office 9 to 5

How to exercise when you work the office 9 to 5

This could be one of those articles that tells you it doesn’t matter if you are sat down all day, you can still exercise at your desk. We would describe the different exercises you can do while at your desk such as running in place, push-ups, tricep dips on your chair, glute squeezes on your chair, wall sits, and lunges. But what these articles fail to mention is how your coworkers will look at you, confused and scared, or how this might stop you from actually doing the work you’re supposed to be doing. Instead, let’s focus on practical solutions that allow you to get a workout, without being the office clown.

Focus on your lunch break. Yes, your lunch break is supposed to be a time for you to take a break from work and relax. But exercise can improve feelings of positivity and happiness. Exercising in your lunch break can get you ready to start the second half of your day with a spring in your step. It has never been easier to fit in a workout during your break. Effective high-intensity, low-time workouts are easily available for you to follow online. For example, the 7-minute workout can be done a few times a day and will help keep you strong and healthy. Seven minutes before work, seven minutes on your break and seven minutes after work adds up to a very effective total of 21 minutes out of your day. If you want, you can hire a personal trainer and have them give you a session on skype during your break. Or if you go out for lunch, why not jog to where you will be eating?

There are many ways to exercise when you are sat at a desk all day. This can help prevent injuries. NB Physio cares about you being the healthiest you can be. If you’re interested you can read our full article here, or If you are experiencing pain as a result of a sedentary job, talk to one of our specialists today to see how we can help you at

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