An Insight into Amazing Charts EMR Through Its Reviews

An Insight into Amazing Charts EMR Through Its Reviews

Instead of sticking to the traditional approach of diving into the details of medical software via the features, let’s try a different approach. Today we will tell you what users think about Amazing Charts EMRand how effective this solution is via its reviews. This will open your eyes to a whole new world because reviews tell a different story about EHR solutions.  

Why Are Reviews Important? 

If the information shared by EMR software tells about the vendor’s features, the reviews reveal the hidden capabilities. What matters are the deep functionalities and capabilities that help significantly to make a valuable decision. By reading and analyzing reviews, you can know the level of efficiency a particular EHR product holds for you and the quality of its features.  

To get a better idea about Amazing Charts, our team checked out reviews from multiple EHR review websites instead of considering the ones shared on the software’s official website. The reason for doing it is no vendor shares the harsh truth about its services. So, they publish only those eye-catching and appealing reviews and present them as the user’s true perspective.  

What Reviews Say About Amazing Charts EMR? 

Through its reviews, let’s see what users say about the Amazing Charts solutionWe have tried sharing those feedbacks which covers both positive and negative aspects.  

Review 1: “User-friendly, effective and a comprehensive solution.” 

“Amazing Charts EMR provides a fully integrated Practice Management module and an extensive range of value-adding services to help increase practices effectiveness and improve revenue. However, there are reoccurring problems with the system if you are not using their integrated platform.” 

This review of Amazing Charts is of the view that the software not only helps with clinical processes but also helps with financial activities. It means that it handles all bills and invoices to generate better revenue. Also, the feedback states that its Practice management solution is not effective without integration, so you should prefer the integrated package.  

Review 2: “Feature-rich, courteous, reliable and easy to use.” 

Chart flow is smooth. Templates are pre-built. Offer training resources to help train new employees. The ability to run it off a local server makes it a low-cost solution. There is high-quality tech support available even on the weekends.” 

This user feedback is more inclined towards customer support and features. Its charts layout is quite impressive, and it is easy to make new templates. Also, Amazing Charts offers budget-friendly and feature-rich pricing plans, which builds user trust. Reviews claim that its customer help desk is open for queries 24/7, making it a reliable option. 

Amazing Charts EMR For Physicians 

The Amazing Charts EMR is designed by physicians, for physicians. Its goal is to make charting as easy and fast as possible, while limiting the number of clicks required. Its pricing is reasonable, with a monthly fee of around $199 per user. The company regularly updates its software, receiving client feedback and making improvements. This allows it to offer the most efficient charting system on the market. 

Customizable Features Of Amazing Charts EMR 

  • The software comes with many customizable features, and is user-friendly, even on tablets and netbooks. In addition, Amazing Charts integrates with other software, including MetPath, so you can create custom reports based on your patient’s data. 
  • With the EHR, doctors can easily document every aspect of their patients’ medical visits, including lab results, imaging, and billing. The system is affordable, and can be licensed by medical practices of any size.  

Cloud-Base EMR Solution 

Amazing Charts EMR is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. It has many benefits and is easy to learn. It can run on Mac or PC Windows, and is compatible with both systems. There are also add-on services, such as speech recognition, chronic care management, and immunization submissions. Users can also get in-person training on value-based care models. 

Advantages Of Amazing Charts EMR 

  • The company claims a 74% user satisfaction rating and a certified Meaningful Use solution. 
  •  The company claims to be the first EMR solution to have a 98% HIPAA compliance score. 
  •  Another advantage of the Amazing Charts EMR is that it integrates with financial management workflow and cloud- based Practice Management solutions. 
  •  The HIPAA compliance feature allows doctors to enter data on the fly, while the integrated HIPAA system ensures complete HIPAA compliance. 


By reading these Amazing Charts EHR reviews and our analysis, you might have a more nuanced idea of its functionalities. The fact that it comes with a gentle learning curve adds to its credibility. You should definitely consider reading more reviews about the solution.


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